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National Chicken
Wing Day July 29th

Wing Vote 2020 Wing Vote 2020
Hooters Girl with Drum Wing Hooters Girl with Drum Wing
Hooters Girl with Flat Wing Hooters Girl with Flat Wing

Happy National Chicken Wing Day!

The people have spoken!
The winning wing is...


Post Vote Results


Unfortunately, there have been some voting irregularities discovered, and it turns out the losing wing has decided to not concede. For the time being, both Drums and Flats will continue to be served, side by side, in perfect harmony at your local Hooters.

Wing Vote 2020 was great fun, but this november, every
vote is even more important. Be sure you're registered.

Tasty Topics to Chew On Tasty Topics to Chew On Mobile
Smoked vs Crispy

Smoked vs. Roasted

Low and slow against fast and hot! Not many places have both, and no one does them like we do! They're both amazing, but you probably have a favorite.

Ranch vs Blue Cheese

Ranch vs. Blue Cheese

Diversity is what makes America great, and wing dressing is no exception. Will it be cool Ranch or tangy Blue Cheese?

Curly vs Dipper Fries

Curly Fries vs. Big Dipper Fries

One potato, two potato, these are two ways to potato that definitely have their differences. Twisted, seasoned and crispy, or purpose built to hold as much dip as possible?

Come to Hooters and decide for yourself.

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